Cars - Action

There are two major types of automotive action shots: the car-to-car image and the pan. In this set, you will find my favorite examples of each.

The car-to-car shot is exactly what it sounds like. I ride in one car, usually hanging out of a side window or rear hatch, and photograph a vehicle traveling alongside. Using a relatively slow shutter speed - between 1/60th and 1/125th of a second - gives the background a nice blur. I have taken car-to-car shots at speeds as slow as 40 miles per hour and as fast as 80 miles per hour. Lens size is anywhere from 18mm to 50mm. My longtime friend and mentor Jerry Heasley has, on occasion, ridden in the trunks of cars on the interstate to get his pictures. I'm not that brave/insane.

The pan shot is much safer and simply requires me to stand in a field or yard a medium distance away from where the car will pass by on a road. Shutter speeds are similar to what I use for car-to-car, but I use a longer lens with pans - something in the 70mm to 200mm range.