Every image displayed in this website comes from my own cameras, with the exception of those on this page. Jim Schmid, an excellent photographer in the Charlotte area, took this shot (right) a couple of years ago and was kind enough to give me permission for its use.

I have been photographing cars and people since high school, when I borrowed my father’s Canon AE-1 and 50mm lens. Those early pictures were not very good, and I have shoeboxes full of nostalgic – but useless – images to prove it. My family laughs now about how much film I ate up on vacations as I tried to document cars in parking lots that I would never see on the streets of our small Mississippi town.

In college, I took several semesters of art photography. I learned every step of the process, from adjusting the camera’s settings to printing the pictures in the darkroom. Remember darkrooms and prints?

While I have never tried to live solely as a photographer, taking pictures has figured heavily into every aspect of my career. I think of myself as a writer who takes his own pictures, but that doesn’t stop me from improving my photography skills and equipment at every opportunity.

Brad Bowling